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Royal Darts Professional Line – NEW KING 22g Steeldarts

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Royal Darts Steeldarts New King 22g – 90% Tungsten

The Royal Darts New King is one of the top models in the Royal Darts Professional Line.
Thanks to a new CNC manufacturing technology it was possible to give this dart a unique grip.
A shark-grip zone in the front area is supported by a trough with micro-grip in the back barrel area.
Due to the slight weight shift to the front, this dart flies very stable and can be controlled very well in combination with the wonderful grip.

90% Tungsten
CNC manufacturing technology
Made in England

barrel length: 49,9mm
max. diameter barrel: 7,0 mm
min. diameter barrel: 5,0 mm
weight barrel: 22g

incl. Royal Darts nylon shafts black, middel
incl. Royal Darts Logo Flights black

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