Royal Darts Victory Softdarts Green Line


Royal Darts Victory Softdarts

80% Tungsten

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ROYAL DARTS Victory Soft darts Green Line

Victory is the name of the victory-assured soft darts from ROYAL DARTS.

A special feature of this dart is the new Royal Darts Quadro-Grip, which gives you a secure and intensive grip at all times thanks to its micro-grooves in the front barrel area.

You always have the dart under control when you throw it.

In addition, the Victory comes with a balanced weight distribution, which makes it easier for you as a player to control it.

The Victory from ROYAL DARTS is not only well-designed, but also very easy to play.

Made in Britain, of course!


Material: 80% Tungsten
Barrel weight: 17 g
Total weight: 19 g
Barrel length: 50 mm
Barrel diameter: 7.00 mm
Finish: Silver
Front Grip: Quadro Grip with Micro Grooves
Back Grip: Mini Shark Grip
Weight distribution: Central
Dart shafts: Royal Darts Green Line wooden shafts
Flights: Royal Darts Green Line Flights
Royal Darts Laser Logo Engraving
The Victory is a dart for you if you are looking for a slim barrel with a fine, intense grip that supports you with smooth flight characteristics.

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