Royal Darts Pearl Steeldarts 23 g


Royal Darts Pearl Steeldarts 23 g
Black Coated Brass

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ROYAL DARTS Pearl Steeldarts 23 g

The Pearl is, as the name suggests, a pearl in the Royal Darts range.
For a brass dart with an exceptional finish and a unique design and finish, this dart not only impresses with its appearance, but also with its feel and flight characteristics.

ROYAL DARTS again goes new ways and leaves the path of the simple brass dart.
Quality and functionality are the focus here too.

Made in Britain, of course!


Material: Brass
Finish: Grey Coating
Grip: Ringed Grip
Shafts: Royal Darts Nylon shafts black in between
Flights: Royal Darts Logo Flights black
Royal Darts laser logo engraving
Barrel weight: 23g
Barrel length: 56 mm
Diameter barrel: approx. 6,0 – 8,5 mm

The Pearl has a central centre of gravity and a pleasant grip. The smooth surface in the centre of the barrel gives the player a good orientation. The ringed grip in the front and rear area provides a good, but not too aggressive, grip.

Pearl is a dart for all players who play darts occasionally but do not want to do without something special.

Not suitable for children under 36 months.
Choking hazard due to small parts.

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