Royal Darts MASTERPIECE Steeldarts 23g Green Line Edition


Royal Darts Masterpiece Steeldarts
95% Tungsten Р Green Line Edition

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Royal Darts MASTERPIECE Steeldarts 23 g

The Royal Darts Masterpiece stone darts are the highlight of the Royal Darts range.
Made from 95% Tungsten, with a two-tone titanium coating and different grip zones.
This stone dart provides grip where you need it, so that the control remains at all times when throwing.
Manufactured on high quality machines, this dart leaves nothing to be desired in terms of quality workmanship.
A wonderful dart for all dart players who love the special.

Made in Britain, of course!

Material: 95% Tungsten
Royal Darts Holzschäfte
Royal Darts Logo Flights
Royal Darts Laser Logo engraving
Barrel weight: 23g
Length Barrel: 50,00 mm
Diameter Barrel: 5,8 Р7,20 m

The centre of gravity of the dart is a little further forward, so that this stone dart has very smooth flight characteristics and a secure hold in the board.

Here in the Green Line Edition, with dart shafts made of valuable walnut.


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