Royal Darts

It is our drive to create and produce products with heart & passion

Constantly looking for new challenges, we always try to optimise our darts. New darts innovations are the focus of our work. It is important to us to constantly develop ourselves and our products and to bring new impulses on the way.
Our product line includes not only self-designed barrels, but also flights and accessories.
It is an advantage to have your darts made, in the uk, where the experience is at home!

Royal Darts stands for:

Royal Darts Netherlands:

Handmade precision at Royal Darts

Precision is the name of the game also during production.

Handcrafted darts from Royal Darts

Handcrafted when it makes sense

Royal Darts uses the lastest high tech

High tech production is also needed. Royal Darts is using all production techniques.

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